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Large construction or maintenance projects generally require extensive digging. When working around buried utilities like fiber optic cables and pipelines, you need accurate excavation tools.

At Ziegler Plumbing & Sewer, we have the ability to outfit our combination truck with minimally invasive hydraulic equipment. Our hydro excavation in Newport News and Hampton, VA allows us to convert even the most challenging excavating job into a safe and simple one.
Opt for a Time-Saving Alternative
Traditional excavation methods often don't deliver the most precise or efficient results. Manual digging is tedious, labor-intensive work. Backhoes and bulky machinery can damage utility lines and surrounding areas. Also, many of these methods create huge messes around the worksite and require backfilling afterward.
Hydro excavation decreases the possibility of these issues. Using pressurized water, our technicians effortlessly cut through any terrain, including clay. They use a vacuum system to transfer debris into the truck's disposal tank; once the job is complete, our team won't leave behind unsightly piles of soil and dirt.
Additional advantages of hydro excavation include:
  • Decreased risk of a utility strike
  • Less material removed
  • Minimal post-excavation restoration
  • Greater cut precision
Service Any Area
One of the most beneficial aspects of hydro excavation is its versatility. We outfit our combination trucks with mount boom extensions that enable us to reach remote or limited-access areas. As a result, we can clean all manner of plumbing lines such as storm drains, sanitary lines, and lift stations.
Some of the places our technicians have serviced include:
  • Airports
  • Apartment complexes
  • Ports and harbors
  • Hospitals
  • Municipalities
  • Schools
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