Smoke Testing


Do you have a bad smell? Detect Sewer odors with Smoke Testing

Serving Williamsburg and Hampton Yorktown, VA
Ziegler Plumbing offers one of the most efficient ways to test your sewer systems: smoke testing, using Hurco Power Smoker 2. Smoke testing pumps a special smoke into your drain systems. As smoke fills the pipes, you can visibly see where smoke escapes. We also use smoke testing to identify storm sewer infiltrations in sanitary sewer systems. If you think your pipes have a leak, call Ziegler Plumbing for smoke testing in Newport News, VA.
How Does Smoke Testing Work?
When clients believe they have a leaky pipe, the best way to find the damaged area is to use smoke. Our machines pump smoke through sewer lines. As smoke fills the pipes, it escapes through any penetrations, revealing damaged areas.
Is Smoke Testing Safe?
We always use non-hazardous smoke. In fact, the smoke we use isn't even smoke at all. It's actually a mist with a high concentration of moisture. This high concentration of moisture makes the gas more visible.

Smoke testing leaves no residue behind and doesn't plug or damage sewer lines. Our smoke is non-toxic, so it's safe for plants, animals, and humans to come in contact with. If you choose to conduct a smoke test with pets in your home, it's a good idea to leave the windows partially open. Those with respiratory problems should avoid smoke exposure as it may cause irritation.
Who Benefits from Smoke Testing?
At Ziegler Plumbing, we offer smoke testing to a variety of clients, including:
  • Residential homes
  • Government buildings
  • Industrial organizations
  • Other commercial buildings
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