Plumbing & Sewer Information from Newport News, Virginia

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Before calling your plumber, it would be helpful to know the following items.


  • Location of the main cut off inside and outside of the house and the location of valves to each fixture.
  • Location of main cut-off in your yard.
  • Location of main cut-off in house.


  • How is your water heater powered? Gas water heaters have a large metal vent pipe coming out the top of the heater and going to the ceiling or wall. Electric does not.
  • Water Heater Brand
    • Gallons
    • Electric
    • Gas
  • Height to top of tank
  • Diameter (inches across the top)
  • Serial #


  • You have a septic tank if your drain lines from your house go to a tank in your yard.
  • Location of tank lid in your yard, local code on frequency of having tank pumped. Every ______ Years?
  • Date of last pumping.
  • If your drain lines go to the road, you are on a sewer system. A back-up to your entire house may be a problem in the street.
  • Location of cleanout cover in your yard.
  • Who maintains the sewer line in the street or at the edge of your yard?
  • City/County/Other
  • Phone Number
Calling those responsible for these lines may save you having to call the plumber.


  • Is your house foundation slab or crawl space?
  • Slab - concrete floor that sits on the ground.
  • Crawl space - your house has room to crawl under it.


  • What year was your house built?
  • Copper
  • Plastic
  • Galvanized
Winter Tips - Disconnect garden hoses and drain. Leaving hoses connected can cause the pipes inside the wall to freeze. Close crawl space vents if temperatures are going to the teens, leave a faucet in the highest part of the house on with a pencil lead sized stream. If your kitchen or bathroom sink is on an outside wall, leave the cabinet doors open so heat can get to the pipes.


If you know the brand and model name or number of your fixtures, it can help the plumber complete your repair sooner.

When you have new fixtures installed, save the part information in a safe place. It may be years before you need it, so put it where you can find it.
  • Fixture Location
  • Kind of Fixture
  • Brand
  • Year Installed
  • Model Name and/or Number
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